About RWD

In 2010, Ethan Marcotte published his famous article on A List Apart called Responsive Web Design. The article was quickly followed by the Responsive Web Design Book, published by A Book Apart in 2011. In this book, Marcotte popularized the idea of using flexible grids and CSS media queries to build a single website that scales across mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, televisions and everything in between.

Since then, Responsive Web Design has become not just a technical solution for web design - it’s an entire process that brings multiple disciplines together to form one product that works across multiple devices. The responsive design process includes user experience, content strategy, information architecture, visual design, HTML/CSS/JavaScript development, usability testing and technical testing.

RWD at Kent State

Kent State University's Responsive Web Design classes were designed with the goal of bringing together students from multiple disciplines from within the College of Communication and Information and giving them the skills they need to work with and become web designers. The classes are hands-on and encourage active learning. The class is constantly evolving, always integrating the latest advancements in design, development and user experience design.

I'm making this information public with the hope that others will find it helpful when creating similar programs at their educational institutions.

About the Instructor: Christopher Hallahan

I work full time for Kent State's College of Communication & Information (CCI) as a User Experience Designer at the college and IdeaBase, a collaborative, student-run agency located in Downtown Kent, where we conduct research, design and development work for real-world clients, both inside and outside the university.

My degrees are both from Kent State University - a bachelor's degree (2008) in Electronic Media (School of Journalism and Mass Communication) and master's degree (2010) in User Experience Design (School of Library & Information Science).

You can learn more about me at my personal website, www.chrishallahan.com.