Project Hub, Pattern Library, and Review Session

April 18, 2019
May 06, 2019

We're almost done! Now that you've developed template prototypes and a pattern library, it's time to do a final review with your "client" and the class. There won't be any slides or reports to turn in - you'll only be showing your project timeline, prototypes and pattern library.

The review sessions will take place in class on finals week.

Project Hub Review

Here's what you'll review with the class/client during your review session. Each review should take about 20 minutes.

  1. Bring up your Project Hub. This will be the main "presentation".
  2. Briefly review the history of the project, starting from the research assignment. Be sure to touch on the main goals you identified for the website. Discuss each part briefly.
  3. Show the three templates and discuss each of them. Demonstrate how the design changes at different breakpoints. Discuss any decisions you had to make.
  4. Discuss any next steps. What would you have done with more time? What still remains to be decided?
  5. Ask for feedback and questions from the class/"client". I may ask some questions during your review, just like a client might do.

View a Project Hub Example

You can see an example of a project timeline/hub for the RWD website.

How to Turn In the Assignment

There is nothing to submit for this assignment, but in order to get the points you must:

  1. Participate in the review class period.
  2. Be present and participate in your project review during class.

Although there is nothing to submit, you may find it helpful to prepare some bullet points/notes to help you and your partner stay on track during your discussion.


Use the following rubric to ensure you receive the highest possible grade for the assignment:

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