Semester Project (Overview)

March 04, 2020
May 06, 2020


Note: In this scenario, I will play the client and the business, while based on some actual businesses, will be fictional


Why this type of project? This allows you, the student, to apply what you’re learning in class to a real-world scenario. By thinking critically and using these principles, you’re developing long-lasting development and design skills that can be used to land you a job or complement your existing areas of expertise.


You can work in pairs or alone on this project. Each group or student will work on a slightly different (but largely equivalent) web project. We have a number of "stock" companies that you can select from that have existing assets you can use (some branding, content, background info, etc.) You may also choose another small or local business of your own, but you will be responsible for assembling content and assets to use for the project. Both approaches are valid.

The "stock" clients are as follows:

(Companies are claimed by a first come, first served basis. Each group will need to select a different company to work with.)


You and your boss have worked together to develop a brief project schedule.

1: Research

View Research Project

2: Content, Architecture and Sketching

View Content Project

3: Style Tiles, Prototype and Concepts

View Style Project

4: Basic Wireframes and HTML/CSS Final Patterns/Prototype/Templates

This piece includes Basic Wireframes, Patterns 1 and 2 and Final Templates/Pattern Library. You’ll submit project updates each week, but won’t actually submit this part until the end.

View Template Project

5: Project Hub, Review Session & Critiques

View Project Hub/Review Session Project View Group/Self Assessment Project
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