Week 15 Preview - Final Group Working Sessions + Testing

Tuesday is our last class before your final prototypes and pattern libraries are due!

In the last class, we:

You can find the slides from each class under the Class Schedule section of the website.

Tuesday’s Class

For Tuesday’s class, we’ll be spending the majority of the class working on the group projects and testing. We’ll be completing course evaluations.

Performance, Accessibility & Usability Testing

Based on the plan you’ve put together, we’ll conduct testing in class on Tuesday, and you’ll turn in the assignment on Blackboard and Project Hub. Your prototype needs to be in working condition in order to conduct the testing tasks you’ve selected, but it does not need to be finished or look perfect by any means.

View Testing Assignment

Finals Week

Your completed assignments are due on Tuesday, Dec. 13, which is also the date of the final class. Class will start at 5:30, our normal time. You should be working outside of class on your responsive HTML/CSS Templates, Pattern Library and Project Timeline/Review Presentation.

I’ll go over the format you’ll use to present your final projects in class.

See you on Tuesday!

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