Finals Week - Prototype Sharing Sessions

Get ready for Tuesday’s (last) RWD class! I’m excited to see what everyone has developed for their final projects.

Project Sharing Sessions

As you know, Tuesday, Dec.13 is the date of our final class and we’ll be starting our prototype sharing sessions at 5:30 p.m.

If you need assistance, please let me know and we’ll schedule a time to meet prior to class.

You should be working on your responsive HTML/CSS Templates, Pattern Library and Project Timeline/Review Presentation to prepare for the sharing session.

Here are some guidelines for your sharing sessions:

During each presentation, each class member (and instructor) will use their own devices to submit an evaluation of the final project.

Access the In-Class Evaluation

Self & Group Assessment

After Tuesday you’ll still need to submit a separate survey that evaluates your individual and team performance. Please wait until you’ve submitted your projects before taking the survey. This is the last assignment you’ll submit for RWD!

Access the Group/Self Assessment


I’ll be grading your final projects by the end of finals week. Final grades are due in FlashLine the following Tuesday. Please log in to Blackboard and check your gradebook. If you see an assignment missing, please let me know soon.

Remaining items to be graded:

See you in class, and best of luck on your other finals and projects!

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