Mid Semester Survey, Groups and More

Just wanted to check-in since we’re midway through the semester and give everyone a few updates.

Mid Semester Survey

If you haven’t already, please take 5 minutes to give your feedback on this class in a mid-semester survey. This will give me ideas on how to improve the class this semester and beyond.

Mid-Semester Survey

Remaining Assignments and Grading

Boxes and Layout is the last mini assignment in CodePen and is due at the latest on Tuesday, if you haven’t already turned it in. The remaining assignments will be related to the final project.

Your first group project assignment is Research/Competitive Analysis. Only the PDF report is due at the beginning of class - I will show you how to turn in the assignment during class.

All grades (including the mini exam) should be up to date in Blackboard Learn.

Project Groups and Project URLs

The Groups page has been updated with the members of groups, your assigned client and any of the URLs related to your GitHub repository or live website links.

View Groups

RWD Offered for Fall 2017

We’ll be offering this same basic RWD course again in Fall 2017, in case you have friends who would like to register. The course is now viewable in the schedule and as of fall, officially added to the catalog. It will also count as a requirement for the new UXD Minor that also launches in fall.

Advanced RWD will likely be offered in Spring 2018. If you’re still a student in 2018 and would like to continue learning web design in the context of a real-world project, this is the class for you.

WhiteSpace Visit

As a reminder, team members from WhiteSpace will be visiting class on Tuesday to discuss some of their recent projects and answer questions about working in the web design field. Please participate in the discussion and ask questions!

Winter Snowstorm

Finally, keep an eye on the weather tomorrow via FlashAlerts. If the University cancels evening classes (announced by 3 p.m.), our class will be cancelled. If that happens, I’ll also reschedule the WhiteSpace visit.

Thanks and please email me back with any questions!

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