Fall 2017 Mid Semester Updates

Just wanted to check-in since we’re almost midway through the semester and give everyone a few updates.

Mid Term Quiz

Next week, we’ll have our mid-term quiz (10 points), which covers the core concepts behind HTML, CSS and responsive design that we’ve gone over so far. You’ll have about 30 minutes to take the written quiz.

Mid-Term Study Guide

Remaining Assignments and Grading

Boxes and Layout is the latest assignment in CodePen and is due on Tuesday. That said, this is a more difficult assignment involving Flexbox layouts, so if you have questions, please email me, meet with me during office hours or come in early on Tuesday.

Boxes & Layout Assignment

Semester Projects

Following the exam, we’ll have one more CodePen assignment, which will be more open-ended than previous assignments. We’ll also start on your semester projects next week. You’ll have the option to work alone or in a 2-person group.

More About the Semester Project

Advanced RWD Offered for Spring 2018

As announced previously, Advanced RWD will be offered in Spring 2018. If you would like to continue learning web design in the context of a real-world project, this is the class for you. We’re very limited on seats (maximum of 9), so please email me if you’d like to get pre-approval to enroll in the course.

While we have a few VCD students interested already, I’d like to get a few more people from Digital Sciences, User Experience Design, Journalism/Mass Communication or Comm Studies in the course for more diverse areas of expertise.

Thanks and please email me with any questions!

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