RWD Final Assignments and Presentations

Hi everyone - hope you had a great week! I’m seeing some fantastic progress on your projects. Please keep up the momentum so that you have some great final deliverables for your portfolios.

Here’s a summary of the final items that we’ll be working on before the end of the semester, as well as ways to get help prior to the next class.

Office Hours & 1-1 Help

Since I didn’t get to speak to everyone in class this week, I am blocking out 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. on Monday the 4th at IdeaBase for open office hours. Please come by during this time (you can email me to let me know you’re coming) for help with any of the below items.

If this time doesn’t work with you, please email me to schedule another time.

I will also have limited time to help you prior to class on Tuesday, but don’t rely solely on coming in early.

You can definitely also email me your questions and I’ll try to respond before class.

Remaining Assignments & Deliverables

Here are the remaining items you’ll need to turn in for the semester.

Next Class - Testing and Testing Results (5 pts)

We’ll be doing technical, accessibility and usability testing in class next week. Before next class, you’ll need to:

  1. Have usability tasks ready to test.
  2. Prepare a spreadsheet where you’ll list your testing results.
  3. Have your website ready to test. It needs to work online (on GitHub), not just your computer, since you’ll be accessing it from other devices.

At the end of class, you should also turn in the link to the Google Sheet via Blackboard so that I can grade it.

View Testing Assignment

Dec. 5 & Dec. 12 - Final Templates/Prototypes (15 pts)

Your 3 final prototypes should be near completion and online via GitHub before the next class so we can do a final review together.

Your prototypes should be linked together (so we can navigate them like a real site) but also linked from your Project Hub page.

You’ll turn in the link to your final prototype via Blackboard for grading on Dec. 12.

View Templates/Prototypes Assignment

Dec. 12 - Project Hub, Pattern Library & Review Session (5 pts)

This is the final 10-15 minute presentation that you’ll conduct on Tuesday of finals week (same as class time, 5:30 p.m.). During this time, you’ll demo all of your deliverables via your Project Hub page. The class will also use your website on multiple devices and give you feedback by completing a short survey for each presentation.

This also includes a demo of a small Pattern Library showing 5 of your most common patterns used on the site.

There is nothing to turn in on Blackboard for this assignment.

View Project Hub & Review Session Assignment

That should be it for now! Please email me if you have any questions, and I’ll see everyone on Tuesday (you’ll also take evaluations next week).

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